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N. Celeste is a comic artist, illustrator and mural artist working out of Northern Colorado.

N. grew up in a small New Jersey township just outside of Philadelphia and spent her summers in small shore town with her fisherman father. She moved out of her family home at 17 and into the urban center of Philadelphia, where she then attended the University of the Arts. In 2009, she earned her BFA in illustration with concentration in Digital Art.

Post graduation, N. immediately started taking on freelance work primarily with indie creators and authors looking to jump start projects. Additionally, she took on an internship at Rough Sketch Studio, a comics studio out of Cherry Hill, NJ. While with Rough Sketch, she acted as colorist on an issue of Koni Waves and pin up artist for Daddy's Little Girl.

In 2010, N. Celeste made the move to the Rocky Mountain State where she continued with freelance work, creating projects for such clients as Design Moose Creative Group, Kid Dangerous Couture, Miller/Coors, Funkwerks, Freefall Boards and BandWagon Magazine. N. also worked in house with Norman's Memorials and as an art program director with ASK After School Kare and Wildfire Art Center. N partnered with a few local roller derby leagues on merchandise and promotional art from 2012 to 2017. N. Celeste has also exhibited at numerous art shows across the state, participated in art fairs such as the Greeley Arts Picnic and tabled at small scale comic cons, like Grand Comic Con in Grand Island, NB.

N. Celeste continues to make stories come alive for indie comics creators and has two releases scheduled for 2022/2023. N also began taking on mural projects and public installations in 2016, and looks forward to new challenges.

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