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Life is Sweet

Longmont AIPP: Shock Art 2018 Selection

After a successful partnership in 2017, N Celeste submitted a new design for consideration in the on going Shock Art beautification project in Longmont, Colorado

The concept featured fanciful dessert items painted all over a pastel pink background. The piece had a deeper meaning, as it is dedicated to N Celeste's step daughter who has a love of donuts and pastries with aspirations to run a bakery one day. The idea of her step daughter being able to pass a publicly installed piece of art and say "That's for me" felt meaningful for her relationship as a care giver.

The piece radiates a joy found in childhood and tributes to all things wonderful in life. It's location by a local hospital makes its message more powerful, as those entering for some of the toughest times in their lives can experience a bit of unrestricted joy for at least a moment.

"Life is Sweet" can be viewed at the corner of Mountain View and Tulip Street in Longmont, Colorado.

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